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It’s the same question every year: what should I get them for Christmas? Clothes? Jewelry? Cologne? A vacation? One gift idea is becoming increasingly popular: more and more people are surprising their loved ones with gift certificates for cosmetic treatments. People looking for wrinkle treatments with Botox® in Baden-Baden, for example, will find that Dr. Loos is a reputable, competent, and experienced specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery… but even so, “gifting” wrinkle treatments, or any other cosmetic treatment, is a bad idea. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Individual reasons for treatment

Getting a cosmetic procedure needs to be a conscious decision, one that should only ever be made by the person him- or herself. If someone is dissatisfied with a certain aspect of his or her appearance to the point that it causes great emotional stress, surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures (depending on the indication and the desired results) can help. One reason we always require a thorough personal consultation before all procedures is so that our plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist can find out why the patient is seeking treatment—to make sure that he or she is not just following a trend or being pressured into it (e.g., by friends or a significant other). Giving gifts of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment carries a risk of causing the recipient to become dissatisfied with a body he or she previously accepted. Even if someone has previously mentioned an interest in the treatment, receiving it as a gift could give the person the wrong message and pressure him or her into the procedure. Choosing to have these treatments done is a major decision, one that should not be taken lightly or made without careful consideration.

The most important foundations: trust and safety

Getting ideal results from cosmetic medicine means more than not having complications from the procedure. Any minimally invasive therapy or cosmetic operation requires a great deal of trust between the patient and the doctor. The plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist needs to provide a detailed explanation of what the procedure can and cannot do, along with information on the procedure itself, any pre- and post-care that will be necessary, and the potential risks involved. This way, the patient will not have unrealistic expectations about the procedure. Giving cosmetic treatments as a gift may prevent the patient from choosing his or her own specialist—so the patient often feels obligated to have the procedure done by a doctor that he or she does not trust.

Watch out for discount offers

One particular danger when it comes to gifting cosmetic treatments is the lure of discount offers. Oftentimes, these low prices are only made possible by cutting corners on hygiene, material quality, or medical qualifications, all of which can endanger patients and potentially result in severe long-term health consequences.  Patients should only seek out cosmetic or plastic surgery from trained, experienced medical professionals specializing in this field.

Be aware of potential risks and complications

Surgical and non-surgical procedures alike always entail a certain amount of risk. Seeking treatment at the hands of an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist does minimize the risk of complications, but side effects can never be ruled out entirely. Giving aesthetic plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments as gifts can downplay these risks, leading the gift recipient to rush into the decision. Even though minimally invasive procedures like Botox® or dermal fillers are considered extremely low-risk, patients should still seek out competent consultation in advance to rule out health complications or undesirable results as much as possible.

Instead of a gift: support them in the decision-making process

Instead of gifting others cosmetic treatment and potentially offending them or putting them under subconscious pressure, it is often more helpful to simply sit down and talk to them about it. Many people who are interested in plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures have a lot of questions: How do I find the right doctor? What treatments are out there, and which one is right for me? People are often grateful for the opportunity to discuss these questions with someone they trust, and it will help them prepare for their individual consultation session with a plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist. Your experienced specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery will be glad to provide you with more detailed information on wrinkle treatment with Botox® or dermal fillers, or any other minimally invasive procedures here at KASG Ästhetik. Just contact our clinic staff to schedule your own consultation appointment. We look forward to helping you.