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Sweat gland removal Baden-Baden

Removing sweat glands – non-surgically
Schweissdruesenentfernung in Baden-Baden
Sweating is a natural bodily process. Among other things, it can be caused by physical exertion, high temperatures, or anxiety about an upcoming job interview or an important meeting. Sweating is often an unpleasant feeling, which is why excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) results in so much emotional stress for people who suffer from it. In addition to surgical solutions, there are also minimally invasive options for treating hyperhidrosis. One particularly gentle method of sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden is miraDry®.

Sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden at a glance:

Type of treatment: Minimally invasive Duration: 30–60 minutes Anesthesia: Local anesthetic Length of stay: outpatient Time until back in public: Usually immediately Special aftercare: Not necessary Results: After 1-2 treatments, permanent results

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It can be localized (only one part of the body) or generalized (affecting the entire body), and occurs regardless of outside factors—in other words, people with hyperhidrosis sweat heavily no matter what the temperature is, or whether they have been exerting themselves physically. As such, the sweating is unforeseeable, so it has an enormous effect on a person’s quality of life. Many sufferers report that just worrying about their next sweating attack is enough to trigger it, which often causes them to develop inhibitions and withdraw from social life. Hyperhidrosis treatment in Baden-Baden can help sufferers regain their confidence and quality of life.

What causes hyperhidrosis?

Generally speaking, we distinguish between two types of excessive sweating: primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system that results in overactive sweat glands. This type of hyperhidrosis is usually genetic, and develops during puberty. Secondary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that is the result of another issue, such as hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalances, menopause, a nerve injury, tumors, certain medications, or manifestations of mental or psychological suffering.

Why we sweat

Apart from excessive sweating disorders, sweat is not only completely natural, it is extremely important to the human body. Sweat evaporating on the skin helps regulate the body’s internal temperature. The sweat itself also transports metabolic waste products and harmful substances out of the body, and together with the skin’s own lipids, it creates a protective acid mantle over the skin that prevents bacteria and other germs from getting in.

What areas of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

There are sweat glands all over the human body, almost without exception, so hyperhidrosis can happen practically anywhere. Areas where it most commonly occurs include:
  • the hands
  • the underarms
  • the head
  • the feet
  • the torso

How hyperhidrosis treatment in Baden-Baden works

Hyperhidrosis treatment in Baden-Baden can permanently reduce excessive sweating without surgery. An innovative procedure, developed in the United States, uses targeted energy to disable the sweat glands and their nerves within the treatment area. Once destroyed, the sweat glands do not rebuild, making sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden a permanent solution for hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Advantages of miraDry® in Baden-Baden

The miraDry® process offers a number of advantages over traditional surgical methods:
  • gentle outpatient procedure
  • no surgery involved
  • permanent solution
  • often only requires one session
  • reduces sweat production by as much as 80 percent
  • none of the risks or complications associated with surgical options
  • patients can return to normal daily life immediately
  • no special preparation or follow-up treatment required

Is miraDry® safe?

The FDA, which is considered the world’s toughest approval agency for medical technology equipment and procedures, has officially confirmed that miraDry® is safe and effective. This minimally invasive hyperhidrosis therapy has also had CE certification in Europe since 2014. As with all of our treatments at KASG Ästhetik, we make patient safety and satisfaction our top priorities when performing sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden, which is why we only use safe, high-quality, medically approved materials and techniques.

Preparing for sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden

Normally, no special preparations are necessary prior to sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden, except that patients should avoid taking anticoagulants. In our extensive patient consultation session, we will provide detailed information on the treatment process, the results to expect, and any pre- or post-treatment measures to take, along with any potential risks. Of course, you can also use that consultation session as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have to your plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist directly.

What parts of my body can miraDry® be used to treat?

This minimally invasive sweat gland removal method was specially developed for treating underarm sweating. However, the system’s treatment head can be used on almost any smooth skin surface, so theoretically it would also be possible to use miraDry® on a patient’s groin, bottom, legs, or torso. We will conduct a special pre-treatment examination to determine whether it is an option in your specific case.

How miraDry® treatment in Baden-Baden works

Hyperhidrosis therapy with miraDry® in Baden-Baden is performed painlessly under local anesthesia, and usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. We start by marking off the treatment area, and then place the special handheld device onto it. The device applies gentle suction pressure to the skin and generates waves of targeted thermal energy that penetrate the sweat glands. This short, high-intensity burst of heat destroys the sweat glands and the nerves that control them. It also destroys the scent glands that cause unpleasant sweaty odors. At the same time, an integrated cooling system makes sure that, even as we are removing sweat glands in Baden-Baden, the upper layer of the patient’s skin is not irritated.

Follow-up treatment after sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden

Patients can return to regular daily activities immediately after completing sweat gland removal treatment in Baden-Baden, without needing to take any special protective measures or resting the area. Many times, just one session is enough to achieve permanent improvement, but a second session three months later is sometimes advisable for ideal results.

Are there any risks associated with minimally invasive sweat gland removal?

Minimally invasive sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden is relatively low risk and has comparatively few side effects. In rare cases, nerve irritation or tissue damage may be evident after the treatment, due to the effects of the thermal energy. Temporary symptoms following miraDry® treatments may include mild swelling, redness, localized pain, small bruises, or a feeling of numbness. These side effects usually go away on their own quickly. In very rare instances, hyperhidrosis therapy with miraDry® can result in infections, which will then need follow-up treatment.

schweissdrüsenentfernung baden-baden

Does removing sweat glands impact the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature?

The human body has about four million sweat glands in all. Around two percent of them are under the arms. That means that, even after hyperhidrosis therapy, there will still be plenty of sweat glands left to regulate body temperature and perform the other functions of sweating. Scientific studies have found no evidence that removal of sweat glands in one area of the body results in increased sweating in other areas.

Other hyperhidrosis treatment options

Besides gentle, non-invasive sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden, hyperhidrosis treatment options also include:

  1. Surgical treatments to reduce excess sweating

Surgical procedures such as sympathectomies, gland suction curettage, and localized skin removal have long been the most common options for treating hyperhidrosis. Although these methods are permanent, they involve surgical operations, with all of the risks those entail.

  1. Conservative options for treating hyperhidrosis

Conservative methods of hyperhidrosis therapy are far less risky. They include, among others, injections with anti-perspirants (aluminum chloride), iontophoresis, and Botox®. The disadvantage in these other treatments is that they are not permanent, so they require regular follow-up treatments, which can be costly.

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