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Botox® in Baden-Baden

Botox® wrinkle treatment
Faltenbehandlung in Baden-Baden

Wrinkles are a natural phenomenon, one that affects men and women equally. Various cosmetic products can help supply nutrients to the skin and maintain its elasticity for as long as possible, but these products cannot completely prevent wrinkles from developing or deepening. Some people are hardly bothered by wrinkles, while others find the ageing process and its visual effects extremely unpleasant—occasionally even to the point that they start withdrawing from social life.

Botox® in Baden-Baden is one completely non-surgical Anti-Wrinkle treatment option. But what exactly goes on during a Botox® treatment session, and who is a candidate for botulinum toxin therapy?

Botox® in Baden-Baden at a glance:

Treatment type: Minimally invasive
Duration: around 10–30 minutes
Anesthesia: Usually not necessary, but topical anesthetics, sedatives, or local anesthesia can be used if desired
Length of stay: outpatient
Ready to be seen in public: Usually immediately
Special aftercare: Not necessary
Results: Visible after 2–10 days; last about 4-6 months

How expression lines form

Although wrinkles—which are caused by the skin naturally losing firmness and elasticity, along with the effects of gravity—can usually be treated most effectively with dermal fillers, botulinum toxin treatments can provide very good results on “expression lines”. Expression lines are caused by reoccurring movements of the facial musculature. Frequently raising your eyebrows in your forehead, for example, can deepen the horizontal lines on your brow known as worry lines. We use the injection with Botox® in Baden-Baden on a variety of expression lines:

  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows (frown lines)
  • Laugh lines or crow’s feet around the eyes
  • forehead lines
  • Creases around the nose (bunny lines)
  • Upper lip creases
  • Vertical creases around the mouth (marionette lines)
  • Creases around the neck

Not just for wrinkles

Botulinum toxin has been in medical use since the 1980s to treat movement disorders (dystonias). It is also used to treat crossed eyes, excessive sweating, migraines, and bruxism (teeth grinding). It has been used for cosmetic purposes since the 1990s.

Botox® – treat wrinkles without surgery

Though some people are bothered by the “marks of time” on their face and neck, many of them are too nervous about surgical procedures like facelifts and brow lifts. Botulinum toxin injections offer younger, firmer skin without surgery or anesthesia. As a gentle, non-invasive cosmetic procedure, the injectable treatment Botox® in Baden-Baden is perfect for patients of all skin types who have decided against surgery for personal or health-related reasons.

Botox® in Baden-Baden cannot always deliver precisely the same results as a facelift in every case. Botulinum toxin treatments are very effective on light to moderate expression lines, whereas more significantly slackened facial skin with greater loss of volume, sunken areas on the face, or excess skin and tissue can usually only be corrected surgically. As such, before offering Botox® in Baden-Baden, we have an extensive consultation session with each patient here at KASG Ästhetik. This in-person appointment focuses, among other things, on the question of whether botulinum toxin therapy is the best method of getting the desired results.

The advantages of minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive procedures like hyaluronic acid and Botox® are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic surgery world. Patients especially appreciate the results—a younger, more radiant appearance—and the fact that these procedures do not require major surgery.

Other advantages of minimally invasive procedures include:

  • Quick results
  • Short treatment times
  • Use of non-permanent materials (progress “bit by bit” to the perfect results)
  • Shorter recovery times (patients can usually return to active social life immediately)
  • Usually no special pre- or post-care required
  • Usually less expensive than surgical procedures
  • None of the risks or complications associated with operations
  • Usually no anesthesia required

botox baden-baden

Preparing for Botox® in Baden-Baden

Usually, no special preparations need to be taken prior to getting Botox® in Baden-Baden. As part of your comprehensive consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, your face will be examined thoroughly to determine whether botulinum toxin therapy is advisable in your specific case. We will also discuss and thus rule out any factors that might contraindicate Botox® injections. Of course, the specialist will also spend part of the consultation explaining the exact procedure and the potential risks associated with Botox®.

Try to avoid taking medications or supplements that affect blood coagulation for about eight to ten days prior to your Botox® session. This will reduce your risk of bruising.

When are Botox® treatments contraindicated?

Even though Botox® in Baden-Baden is a gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, there are still a few circumstances that rule out its use. Like many other elective procedures, Botox® is not for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Disorders related to muscular activity also contraindicate Botox® in Baden-Baden. Finally, the procedure cannot be performed on patients with local infections in the area to be treated, because it would pose too great of a health risk.

How we administer Botox® in Baden-Baden

Before the injection, we cleanse and disinfect the treatment area thoroughly in order to keep the infection risk as low as possible. Anesthesia is not necessary in most cases, but we can apply a topical anesthetic before treating particularly sensitive areas of the face. Of course, we can also perform Botox® treatments in Baden-Baden under local anesthesia if patients prefer.

After disinfecting the area, we use an ultra-fine needle to inject straight into the muscle responsible for creating the wrinkle. Since botulinum toxin inhibits the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, it prevents the nerves from sending impulses to that muscle, so the muscle can no longer contract and the muscle relaxes. As a result, the wrinkle becomes nearly or completely invisible.

What materials does KASG Ästhetik use?

KASG Ästhetik uses only materials that have been established in the cosmetic surgery world for years and are known to be safe for patients. We use Azzalure®, manufactured by Galderma, for our botulinum toxin procedures.

What should I know about Botox® treatments?

Immediately after your session of Botox® in Baden-Baden, the treated area will need rest. This means, for example, to avoid getting face massages or plucking your eyebrows. Too much stimulation of the injection site could prevent the botulinum toxin from being distributed properly within the tissue, preventing you from seeing the results you desire.

Cooling the area regularly after treatment can help minimize swelling and redness. Most patients do not experience pain during or after the cosmetic treatment, and they can generally continue about their day as normal immediately after their session.

Botox Baden-Baden

Results to expect with Botox® in Baden-Baden

Initial results will be visible within two to four days after treatment; the effect will be most prominent after about ten days. Your body will then gradually break down the botulinum toxin naturally over the next few months. How long Botox® lasts varies from patient to patient, but in most cases, the effects hold for about four to six months, after which you can return for another treatment if desired. Using Botox® regularly will help its effects last longer.

Other wrinkle treatment options

Not all wrinkles are created alike, which is why KASG Ästhetik adapts its treatment plans individually to each patient and his or her desires. In addition to Botox®, the clinic also has several other options in its repertoire:

Potential risks or complications with Botox® in Baden-Baden

Botox® anti-aging treatments are generally safe and risk-free cosmetic procedures, but risks and complications can never be completely ruled out. Individual patients may experience bruising, redness, or itching at the injection site, and general reactions like headaches or nausea are possible as well.

More serious complications can arise if patients receive the wrong dose of Botox®, or if it is injected at the wrong site. Possible reactions include partial paralysis or drooping eyelids; these complications will subside as soon as the botulinum toxin has been broken down by the body. Choosing the right doctor is very important to prevent health risks, loss of function, or undesirable, not natural-looking results, so patients should only seek out Botox® in Baden-Baden from specially trained, highly experienced experts.

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