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When it comes to lip plumping in Baden-Baden, many women—and an increasing number of men—have one main question: will the results look too artificial? The media is full of stories of excessive plastic surgery, but most people are looking for natural, symmetrical results that harmonize with the rest of their face. Here at KASG Ästhetik, our goals in lip enhancement procedures are to give our patients clearly contoured lips, a curved Cupid’s bow, and just enough volume.

Lip enhancement in Baden-Baden

Before performing lip enhancement, we start with a confidential consultation session between the patient and the specialist cosmetic surgeon. Many people use these consultations as an opportunity to voice their concerns that the minimally invasive procedure will leave their lips swollen, excessively large, or asymmetrical, making their faces look mask-like and artificial. Our experienced specialist, Dr. Loos, provides patients with thorough information on the possibilities and limitations involved in lip enhancement. By considering these factors as well as the patient’s wishes, the KASG Ästhetik team can develop an individualized treatment plan that will yield optimal results, perfectly tailored to the individual patient’s features.

Are full lips something only women want?

More and more women are seeking out lip enhancement treatments, but the procedure is becoming progressively more popular among men as well. According to German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery figures, about 7.4% of all women and around 2.8% of all men who sought cosmetic medical treatment in 2017 had lip enhancements done. Treatments like sweat gland removal in Baden-Baden or eyelid correction were significantly more popular among men, however.

How does lip enhancement work?

Once the patient has had consultation and decided that lip enhancement is what he or she wants, the specialist starts by carefully disinfecting the patient’s lips and numbing them with a local anesthetic. Maintaining strict standards of hygiene and allowing only qualified plastic and cosmetic surgery specialists to perform the procedure reduces the risk of infection and other complications to an absolute minimum. Next, hyaluronic acid, collagen, or autologous fat is injected into the patient’s lips with a fine needle. The procedure takes only about 20 to 40 minutes, and after a short recovery period, the patient is ready to leave the clinic.

Patients may find that their lips are red or swollen immediately following the procedure. Rest and cooling will help speed along the recovery process. After the treatment, patients should avoid using lip care products or lip makeup for the rest of the day. The swelling will go down within a few days, revealing the final results.

Natural materials for natural results

A variety of different materials can be used in lip plumping in Baden-Baden to yield healthy, natural results. Hyaluronic acid, for example, is a substance found naturally in connective tissue, so it is frequently used in minimally invasive treatments because it almost never causes adverse reactions (of course, we can test for any potential reactions in advance). Collagen and autologous fat (fat from the person’s own body) can also be used to plump up lips.

Hyaluronic acid is also used, among other things, as a wrinkle treatment in Baden-Baden. We can also smooth out small creases in the lips while plumping them up, to make the results even more harmonious. If you are interested in combining the procedure with other treatments, you can discuss your ideas with your specialist during your consultation session.

Permanent fillers?

Reputable plastic and cosmetic surgeons advise against using permanent fillers like silicone for lip enhancement. Although there is no need to repeat the procedure with permanent fillers, it is difficult or impossible to determine how much of a health risk they represent. Even years after the treatment, the silicone can cause harmful tissue changes or allergic reactions, create feelings of tension in the lips, or slip out of place.

Individual consultation at KASG Ästhetik

Many patients like to look at before-and-after pictures to help them decide whether or not to get lip enhancement surgery. For legal reasons, we cannot show these pictures on the KASG Ästhetik website, but you are welcome to make an appointment for a non-binding consultation on lip enhancement in Baden-Baden and view them here. This consultation will also be an opportunity for you to find out precise details on how this minimally invasive procedure works, and to discuss the right treatment options for getting the natural-looking results you want. The KASG Ästhetik team would love to hear from you—call us at 07221 9 73 57 99, send an email to, or use the online contact form to schedule an appointment.