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Both men and women are affected by wrinkles—they are a natural part of the ageing process. Wrinkle treatments in Baden-Baden can help turn back the clock on wrinkles, leaving patients looking as youthful and radiant as they feel inside. We’ve summarized a few key points for you on dermal fillers, Botox®, and all the rest. A – Anesthesia Usually not necessary for wrinkle treatments, though local anesthetic is available on request for treatments on sensitive areas. B – Botox® In its pure form, botulinum toxin (Botox®) is the most poisonous substance known to man. In very low doses, however, it is used to treat a variety of conditions—such as migraines, hyperhidrosis, bruxism, or neurological disorders involving overactive muscles—and is also a well-established wrinkle treatment. C – Calcium hydroxyl apatite (Radiesse®) Radiesse® consists of tiny beads of calcium hydroxyl apatite suspended in a water-based gel medium. When injected under the skin, it has a lifting effect that smooths out deep wrinkles and boosts volume. Radiesse® also stimulates the body’s own production of collagen, which yields long-lasting effects. D – Dermal fillers Dermal fillers contain substances like hyaluronic acid, collagen, or the body’s own fat cells. They are injected into the skin in order to “fill in” wrinkles from the inside out. Dermal fillers are also used for other purposes, such as plumping up lips. E – Elasticity Skin’s elasticity and firmness comes from collagen, which is a natural part of human connective tissue. Stimulating the body to produce more collagen can give the skin its elasticity back, creating a long-lasting smoothing effect. F – Fine lines Fine lines often develop on the lips as part of the natural ageing process. Injections of hyaluronic acid or Restylane Skinboosters™ can help smooth them out naturally. G – Gentle KASG Ästhetik wrinkle treatments are minimally invasive, meaning they are not surgical procedures. This makes them gentler on the body, with none of the risks or complications involved in invasive operations. They are also nearly painless—we use extremely fine needles in the injections, so patients only feel a tiny needle prick. H – Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in human connective tissue, and is capable of binding a great deal of fluid. It is used frequently in cosmetic medicine as a natural dermal filler. I – Ideal age There is no universal “ideal age” for seeking out wrinkle treatment. Our bodies began producing less and less collagen starting at the age of 20; many of our wrinkle treatment patients come to us at around age 40, but depending on your individual genetics and lifestyle, you may develop wrinkles much earlier or later than that. K – Kinds of wrinkles We distinguish between two main kinds of wrinkles in our treatments: orthostatic wrinkles and expression lines. Orthostatic wrinkles are the result of gravity and the skin’s natural loss of elasticity over time. Expression lines, meanwhile, develop as a result of repetitive movements of the facial muscles. L – Long-lasting Depending on the exact formula we use, wrinkle treatment effects usually last anywhere from four to eighteen months, though this can vary from patient to patient. M – Marionette lines Marionette lines are a type of expression line—specifically, the ones around the corners of the mouth. Botox® treatments are highly effective at smoothing them out. N – Natural Dermal filler treatments primarily use materials that are the same or similar to substances found naturally in the human body.  Using naturally occurring substances means that patients almost never experience adverse reactions to them. When in doubt (e.g., with Botox®), of course, we can perform allergy/tolerance tests prior to treatment. O – Outpatient Unlike surgical treatments, minimally-invasive procedures are done on an outpatient basis—no hospital stay required. Depending on the type of method used and the size of the treatment area, the treatments themselves take between 10 and 30 minutes. P – Price Wrinkle treatment price depends on a variety of factors (such as the type of treatment, the size of the treatment area, etc.) so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Your initial consultation will include a price quote for your individual needs, along with information on financing options if desired. Q – Qualified experts Individual consultation with a highly qualified, highly experienced specialist in plastic and cosmetic medicine is the key to finding the treatment that’s right for you and your needs. Here at KASG Ästhetik, every procedure starts with an honest consultation and a thorough medical examination. R – Restylane Skinboosters™ Restylane Skinboosters™ are made up of a stabilized form of hyaluronic acid. They are specially designed to deliver long-lasting moisture to deeper layers of the skin. S – Safety and satisfaction At KASG Ästhetik, patient safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, which is why we use only reliable, high-quality, medically approved products, equipment, and techniques. Our team will be happy to give you more detailed information on different aspects of the treatment process. T – Trends Over the past several years, plastic and cosmetic medicine has shown a trend toward minimally invasive procedures. Some of the most popular treatments include wrinkle treatments using Botox® or dermal fillers. V – Volume Dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid, Radiesse®, and the body’s own fat cells can be used to plump up sunken areas of the face and replace lost volume for healthy, natural-looking results. W – Wrinkle treatment results Minimally invasive injectable wrinkle treatments can rejuvenate the face dramatically. Depending on which treatment we use, the injections can fill in or smooth wrinkles, lift drooping areas of the face (such as the cheeks), add volume, and/or contour the face. Over time, the body naturally breaks down the ingredients in these wrinkle treatments, so the procedures need to be repeated every so often in order to maintain the results. Y – Youth Many people decide to get cosmetic wrinkle treatment because their wrinkles make them look older than they are or than they feel. Dermal fillers and Botox® can refresh and rejuvenate your face, giving it back its youthful radiance. Z – Zero down time Most patients can go about their day as usual immediately after finishing their wrinkle treatments. Wrinkle treatment consultation at KASG Ästhetik Do you have questions on minimally invasive wrinkle treatments? Would you like to talk to an expert one-on-one? The KASG Ästhetik team would love to help! To schedule your non-binding consultation session, call us at +4972219735799, email us at, or send us a message through our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you!